Arkady Tsepesh (1820 - 1845) was a descendant of Dracula. He was the son of Petru and Vera Tsepesh. He was the younger brother of Stefan and Zsuzsanna Tsepesh. After Dracula killed his older brother Stefan as punishment for their father not allowing him to fall under the Covenant with the Vampire, Arkady, as the oldest living born son, fell under servitude to Dracula. He moved to England and married Mary Windham until 1845, when his wife was pregnant, and he heard news of his father's death. He returned to Transylvania to become Dracula's service, but became aware of Dracula's evilness and refused to serve him, so Dracula chased after he, his wife, and their newborn baby, Stefan Tsepesh II. In order to keep Dracula off their child, Mary shot Arkady, and ran off while Dracula turned him into a vampire so he would not die.