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Dracula welcomes Jonathan Harker

"I condemn you to living dead. An eternal hunger for human blood!" 

- Dracula 

Count Vlad Dracula "The Impaler" Prince of Wallachia  (November 1431 - October 1897) was an Romanian noble and vampire from the Charpatian Mountains. He was punished by Heaven by creating Dracula the first of the un-dead. In 1897 Dracula moved to England where he victimized Lucy Westenra and Mina Murray. Dracula believed Mina to be his lost love Elizabetha. 

Past Edit

Prince Vlad Dracula III was born in the Charpatians in November of 1431. His father was the leader of the Holy Christian "Order of the Dragon" to protect the Church of God agains blasphemy. Vlad Dracula was then a warlord known for his breathtaking courage and his terryfing cruelty. He impaled and tortured dozends of people, boiled their heads and drank their blood. Although Dracula was ruthless, he loved his bride the beautyful Elizabetha. In 1462 when Constantinopel had fallen the Turks where driven out of Romania Dracula returned to his wife. There he discovered that Elizabetha was dead, she had taken her own life believing that her prince had parished on the battlefield. Dracula stricken with grief rennounced God and swore he would "rise from his own death to avenge hers with all the powers of darkness". As he stabbed the Cross with his sword, the Chapel began to bleed. Dracula drank the Blood of God and was transformed. Cursed to live forever and feast on human blood. He became the un-dead. The first vampire... 

In England Edit

In 1897, Dracula