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The Brides of Dracula are the undead female servants to Count Dracula. They're usually shown as a trio of three women which the novel depicted as two brunette women and a blonde who apparently is the leader of the trio.


Just like Dracula, the brides are shown as evil beings as per the nature of vampires. Using their sexual wiles to lure the victims to them before going for their blood. Their past is a mystery, though from what dialogue they exchange with Dracula they were at least human once before being turned. Some theories imply that they are Dracula's wife and daughters, while others state the women may have indeed been Dracula's wives through his lifespan whom he converted after revealing his true nature. Though it may be simply they were just women he kidnapped from the local village.

Regardless they seem to have an antagonistic relationship with Dracula as they disobey him when told not to touch Harker and even mock him for a bit regarding their "past love". Though know not to try to oppose him as he's clearly more powerful. He does show some concern for them by at least giving them something to feed after stopping them from biting Harker and promises to give him to them when he leaves for London, which he makes good on. Likewise they obey his orders and try to collect Mina for Dracula when they sense she's near the castle and almost undead.

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