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Illustrated by Juan Pablo Rodriguez Padilla

John "Jack" Seward, M.D. is a fictional character appearing in Bram Stoker's 1897 novel Dracula.[1]


Dr. John Seward was the administrator of an insane asylum not far from Count Dracula's first English home, Carfax Abbey. Seward conducted ambitious interviews with one of his patients, Renfield, in order to understand better the nature of life-consuming psychosis. As a psychiatrist, Seward enjoyed using the most up-to-date equipment, including using a recording phonograph to record his interviews with his patients and his own notes.

John was best friends with Quincey Morris and Arthur Holmwood. All three proposed to Lucy Westenra the same day. Although Lucy turned down Seward's marriage proposal, his love for her remained, and he dedicated himself to her care when she suddenly took ill.

John called in his mentor, Abraham Van Helsing, to help him with her illness, and he helped Seward to realize that Lucy has been bitten by a vampire and was doomed to become one herself. After she was officially destroyed and her soul could go to Heaven, Seward helped to destroy Dracula. Seward went on to be happily married.


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