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"[...] When her father died, she inherited his fortune. And with the cooperation of Sister Agatha's extended family, they set up this foundation in Jonathan's name."
Zoe explains the founding

The Jonathan Harker Foundation was a medical-research foundation named after Jonathan Harker. The foundation was set up sometime after 1897, by Mina Murray, Harker's fiancé after his death at the hands of Count Dracula in Budapest.

The Foundation was led by Zoe Van Helsing until shortly before her death, when she left the Foundation for unknown means.


Shortly after Jonathan Harker's death at the Count's hands, Mina Murray, his fiancé, set up the foundation in his name with the help, and blessing, of Sister Agatha Van Helsing's extended family. Whilst on the surface, the Foundation was set up as a private company for medical research, below the surface, they were actually funding research into the whereabouts of Count Dracula.

When they discovered Dracula sleeping under the Whitby Coast, one of the employees accidentally woke him. They captured him shortly after and brought him into isolation at the Foundation. Dracula questioned who was funding the Foundation, given they had access to mercenaries, however Helsing was unwilling to answer — she later claimed to Agatha that she was unaware, but did good with the funding. Dr. Zoe Van Helsing explained that on the surface they would fund public health research, however if they were to ever capture Dracula, they would hold him and study him in detail. With the help of his lawyer, Count Dracula escapes, legally, from the Foundation who is holding him against his will.