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Illustrated by Juan Pablo Rodriguez Padilla

Lucy Westenra is a fictional character in the novel Dracula (1897) by Bram Stoker. She is introduced as Mina Murray's best friend, the 19-year-old daughter of a wealthy family. Her father is mentioned in the novel when Mina says he was a sleepwalker, and her elderly mother is simply stated as being Mrs. Westenra.

1897 novel[]

Lucy was a vivacious young woman who was much praised for her beauty and sweet nature. These qualities earned her three suitors, all of whom propose to her on the same day: (Arthur Holmwood, Lord Godalming; Quincey Morris, an American cowboy; and Doctor John Seward, an asylum psychiatrist). Lucy accepted Arthur's proposal, but soon began suffering from severe insomnia and manifested symptoms of anemia. She had, in fact, become the victim of Dracula, who slowly drained her of blood. Despite the best efforts of Dr. Seward and Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, Lucy's condition rapidly deteriorated. Dr. Van Helsing correctly identified the true cause of her illness, but in the end, was unable to prevent her death.

Before long a "Bloofer Lady" began to appear at night, preying upon small children. Dr. Van Helsing realized that Lucy, after death had become a vampire and asks Dr. Seward, Arthur, and Quincey to help him destroy the undead creature. Van Helsing feels it best that the men who loved Lucy in life play a role in freeing her soul. With their combined effort the lady vampire is destroyed, and Lucy is finally able to rest in peace.


  • In the 1931 Universal production, Lucy is called Lucy Weston.
  • In the 1958 film Dracula, she is called Lucy Holmwood, Arthur Holmwood's sister, who is engaged to Jonathan Harker.