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"He is evil, he is the embodiment of all that is evil, he is the very devil himself."
―The Priest

Scars of Dracula is a 1970 horror film by Hammer Studios directed by Roy Ward Baker and starring Christopher Lee as Count Dracula. It is a sequel to "Taste the Blood of Dracula". It is the most violent of the series featuring scenes of graphic violence. It starred Dennis Waterman, Jenny Hanley, Patrick Throughton, Michael Gwynn and Christopher Matthews.


At Castle Dracula, a vampire bat flies in to an altar containing the  powdered remains of Count Dracula as they were left after the climax of the previous film. The bat spits blood onto the vampire's remains and Dracula is ressurected. Dracula rises from the altar.

A man from a nearby town carries a dead girl in his arms. She has savage bite-marks on her neck; another victim of Dracula. The man, a local inn keeper lays her on a table. The priest blesses the girl's soul and the inn keeper exclaims that the evil must be destroyed. He gathers the villagers, planning to destroy the castle. The priest begs the

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