Taste the Blood of Dracula was a film made in 1970. It was the sequel to Dracula Has Risen from the Grave and was followed by Scars of Dracula.

Cast Edit

  • Christopher Lee as Count Dracula
  • Geoffrey Keen as William Hargood
  • Gwen Watford as Martha Hargood
  • Linda Hayden as Alice Hargood
  • Peter Sallis as Samuel Paxton
  • Anthony Corlan as Paul Paxton
  • Isla Blair as Lucy Paxton
  • John Carson as Jonathan Secker
  • Martin Jarvis as Jeremy Secker
  • Ralph Bates as Lord Courtly
  • Roy Kinnear as Weller
  • Michael Ripper as Inspector Cobb
  • Russell Hunter as Felix
  • Shirley Jaffe as Betty
  • Keith Marsh as Father
  • Madeline Smith as Dolly
  • Reginald Barratt as Vicar
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