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Biographical information

If you do not know what to put in a field, leave it blank so that the field will be omitted.


|cause of death=
|killed by=
|love interest=
|based on=
|portrayed by=


Parameter Description
image an image of the character
imagewidth width is automatically set to 250; change if necessary
name name of character
alias any fake names or nicknames
gender gender of character
age age of character
species species of character
status status of character
born when born or where
died death date or where died
cause of death how the character died
killed by who or what killed the character
from where the characters is from
skills any particular skills the character has
parents parents of character
siblings siblings of character
spouse husband or wife of character
fiancée the fiancée of the character
children children of character
relatives aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents of character
lover girlfriend or boyfriend of character
love interest someone whom the character is interested in romantically
occupation character's job
teachers character's teachers and mentors
students character's students and apprentices
friends character's close friends
enemies character's enemies
mentioned franchise the character was mentioned in
based on what character the character is based on
portrayed by the actor who played the character