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The Blood is the Life
Season 1, Episode 1
The Blood Is the Life.png
Air date October 25, 2013
Written by Cole Haddon
Directed by Steve Shill
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A Whiff of Sulfur

"The Blood Is the Life" is the first episode of the Dracula TV series.


Enter the arrival of Dracula, who is posing as Alexander Grayson, a rich American entrepreneur. He throws a lavish ball and invites the elite locals, including Lucy Westenra, who is accompanied by her best friend, biology student Mina Murray, and Mina's partner, Jonathan Harker, a striving journalist. Grayson's party is scrutinised by its attendant, and while Grayson makes his rounds of greetings, he spots Mina, whom, we learn from flashbacks, strongly resembles his dead wife Ilona, from across the room. He also meets a group he labels the Order of the Dragon, including Lord Davenport and Lord Browning, who ridicule him and develop an instant dislike of him due to his magnetic demonstration, which would put their business down if successful. However, the other member, Lady Jayne Wetherby, takes a liking to him.





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