The Devil Is Not Mocked

The Devil Is Not Mocked is a segment from a episode of Night Gallery. Actor Francis Lederer reprises the role of Count Dracula from The Return of Dracula.


The episode is bookended by an elderly Count telling his grandson what he did in the Great War (World War II). The story then shifts to during the war.  A group of SS soldiers, led by General Von Grunn, go to a castle in search of partisans.  Rather than the armed conflict they expected they were met by a rather well-dressed man who welcomes them into his home.

The castle was searched and nothing found, though the General believed the partisans were probably in hidden tunnels below the castle. There was a dinner laid out, which the Count insists is for the General's repast – they were expected -- whilst the servants entertain his men. The Count does not partake – insisting he would not sup until midnight.  As the night progresses the General talks with the Count, telling him about Germany’s plans for his homeland.  When the hour of midnight strikes, the occupants of the castle turn on the Germans and begin to slaughter them.  Gunfire is heard, but proves to be useless.  The count approaches the General baring fanged teeth.  As he is about to kill the General he tells him that the castle “is the headquarters of the secret resistance and I am its proud commander, Count Dracula!”